Friday, 8 July 2016

NWAC Board Valid! Super Valid! Super Super Valid

Which mobile phone company is the best and most reliable? iPhone? The most superior and aesthetically ahead...? Do they not have any problems with their phones? Are there never any complaints against them? Does having complaints mean that they are selling 'Fake' iPhones?

Has McDonald's started selling fake burgers? Does Chevrolet make fake cars? Does nike make fake shoes or coke make fake drinks? Well, it doesn't make sense to question the quality and integrity that these brands deploy and disburse in every product that they churn out in the market. There is a difference between having a 'fake Google account' and 'Google being fake'. It is so disheartening to see how frequently and nonchalantly people around us use the word fake or invalid. 

A name as prestigious as Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) Board is valid, definitely valid and not fake. It is a hallmark of quality globally. It has a much longer and credible history than many of the other so called brands, or for that matter any of the so called 'Global Brands'. Saying that 'NWAC Board is Valid' is like saying that 'The sun rises from the east'. Its a fact, and a pretty universally known one. 

Travelling from Bangalore to Kanyakumari, I came across two families, one a middle-aged couple who were travelling with their son, Raman to get him admission in one of the universities in Trivandrum. The other an elderly and a supposedly well-read couple in their 60s. As the conversation ensued between them, it delved deeper towards the percentage and merit of the student in question, and his plans for the near and immediate future. Raman had got admission in a Medical College and wanted to specialise in Paediatrics in his post-graduation. Raman said that he had pursued last two years of his schooling from an NWAC authorised school, indeed an international school in true sense. The elderly couple not knowing about this qualification, wanted to know more about it. When showed the documents by Raman, they admired the beauty and sophistication of the documents. After looking at the documents for a couple of minutes they asked him about its validity. Raman explained them that NWAC Board is valid in India and indeed all over the world and further discussed how the validity of a board is checked. I was taken aback by the intricate attention to detail that Raman demonstrated. As an Indian who covered US consumer markets in his post doctorate thesis, I felt proud about this amalgamation of the best of East and West. Raman is truly a student of tomorrow's global world.

Raman also had a brief conversation with me and pointed out that a few 'intelligent' people had questioned hime earlier if 'NWAC Board is valid' or not. And he had given them equally credible and detailed answers. I was impressed with Raman's attitude although I was saddened by how someone could question the integrity, validity or eligibility of one of the world's premier and oldest educational agencies. It needs patience and attention to give space to others and their achievements. If thousands around the world understand that 'NWAC Board is Valid', millions in India will understand this too. It is just the beginning of a bigger and brighter future.

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